30 June 2015

i am annleechel bautista

i dont have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. im far from being considered a model but, i am me. i eat food,many food. i have curves. i have more fat than i should. i have scars coz i have a history. some people love me, some like me, some hate me. i have done good. i have done bad. i love my jeans and i go without make up and sometimes dont get my hair done. im random and crazy yet too fussy. i dont pretend to be someone im not. i am who i am, u can love me or not. i wont change. i make no apologies for the way i am.

28 June 2015

wajah yg hodoh

  • Adalah lebih baik memiliki wajah yang hodoh dari lidah yang hodoh kerana wajah yang hodoh tidak mungkin boleh menyakiti hati orang lain tetapi lidah yang hodoh boleh mengeluarkan kata kata yang melukakan.

hello again 😇

its been a long time since i didnt update my blog. al maklum la terlalu busy diri beta. 😁 why dont we start from the beginning?
start blogging few years ago, keep posting about what i felt n everything,but not really everything. first thing i dont even know people around the world boleh baca blog ne. bratus2 people from around the world read my blog and i dont even know anything about the statistic. so at the first beta rasa tkut juga la but then i found it kinda interesting. yaa ... the more followers u have, the more haters gonna appears. beta dapat byk negatives feedback,negatives comment but what i do is, pegang dada anda,bisik dalam hati, " smoga hati menjadi tabah sntiasa" hahahah acah ja. tpulang dgn diri masing2.   buat blog ne pun saja suka2, buang boring. memandangkan ari ne ari cuti, why not we start to blog rather than to wasting ur time nothing to do. suda la jarang2 cuti. hahah k la. mgantuk pla beta.. see yaa! selamat berpuasa 😊