08 August 2013

Love Means each person is free to follow his/her own heart.

Dear Boy,

I do not know who u are, or where or wen we will meet, but i do hope it is soon. I pray that when we meet & fall in love, u will love me, for me & not hope for someone is thinner & prettier. I hope u won't compare me to girls who may have brighter smiles. I hope that u will make me laugh, take care of me if i get sick, & be trustworthy.

I hope u will remember that i prefer daises to roses, & that my favorite color changes with my mood. Please know that my eyes aren't blue nor grey, but brown. Deep brown. Please know that i may be shy, i won't slap u or push u away. When we go on a date, please don't be stress about where to take me, what's important is that i'll be with u.

If i cry, please know . just hold me close, & i'll heal quickly. & if it is because of u, i'll heal just the same.

& if we decide to break up, please understand that i may be bitter, but i'd like 2 be your friend if u let me. I promise to remember that u have feelings too, even though u'll never admit it.

Please tell me anything i do bothers u, or if something just don't get right. I would like u to always b honest with me. If i have a bad day, i hope u will shower me with confidence & smiles.

I hope u don't think that im asking too much of u. I hope u understand that im a lil bit nervous & very scared. Every relationship is a new game of cards and..hmmm... i've never been good at cards. But i will try my best to be kind & love u dearly for all that u are, without expecting too much from u. Thank u for listening & reading at the same time. This is all that i ask.

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