04 August 2013

Girl, a message from a boy.

" i love the way she looks at me, as i'm the only one in d world. i love the way she talks to me & that she comes out with the cutest names which she's not afraid to use in front of her friends. I love the way she's mean to me, n how she's always holds my hand to show it was just a joke. i love that she's tries her best to be happy with her life just because she knows it's important to me. I love her facial expressions, & her adorable smile. I love her lil smile she does when i compliment her, just like others who love to see her smile & i am lucky to see it everyday even though she doesn't believe it. I can tell it's still means a lot. I love how she always worries about what i want & would give anything 2 make me happy. I love that she plans our whole future, knowing with absolute certainly that we'll be together forever. I love that she works hard to deal with the pains of a long distance relationship even when she have so many problems in her life. I love that she puts me first & i love that she love me just for being me, & that will never change "  

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