10 August 2013

weird day

Hi u ols!
Mesti smalam  tengok barca vs mas kan.. hahahah... sabo je la mun kalah. Adat prlawanan. Hihi.

This was happened two days ago, ada la ne 1 of d engineer says good morning to me. Tapi yang peliknya, dia cakap "pagi shila" then I saw him looking at me. Try la juga tengok sekeliling. Teda sapa2 pun dalam engineers room masa tu. so aku confident la dia wish aku bukan org lain. 

Dia pun confident nya sebut nama aku shila.. if im not mistaken, my name should be anne.. haha guess he knows me but he doesnt know my name. Haha amboiii... rupanya slama ne msti dia igt nama aku shila kan. Padahal shila tu receptionist kitorang. 
Boleh2 dia salah.shila receptionist x pakai coverall la cik abang oi. Anne ne yg pakai coverall. Haha 

Hmm bru ja balik dari keja ne. Penat sangat, what to do. Periuk nasi kita kena jaga. Masa depan dalam genggaman sendiri. Kalau dapat kawen dengan org kaya x pa, boleh duduk rumah ja goyang kaki shopping sana shopping sini menghabiskan duit c laki. ne kalau dapat yg sama taraf, terpaksa la kerja keras ckit untuk masa depan anak2. hahaha angan2 joeee~~ Org bilang God's will. Kita cuma mampu rancang jerrrrrr.. ^__^

ok la... btw, happy eid mubarak u olsss...~~ mwahxxxx!!!

08 August 2013

Love Means each person is free to follow his/her own heart.

Dear Boy,

I do not know who u are, or where or wen we will meet, but i do hope it is soon. I pray that when we meet & fall in love, u will love me, for me & not hope for someone is thinner & prettier. I hope u won't compare me to girls who may have brighter smiles. I hope that u will make me laugh, take care of me if i get sick, & be trustworthy.

I hope u will remember that i prefer daises to roses, & that my favorite color changes with my mood. Please know that my eyes aren't blue nor grey, but brown. Deep brown. Please know that i may be shy, i won't slap u or push u away. When we go on a date, please don't be stress about where to take me, what's important is that i'll be with u.

If i cry, please know . just hold me close, & i'll heal quickly. & if it is because of u, i'll heal just the same.

& if we decide to break up, please understand that i may be bitter, but i'd like 2 be your friend if u let me. I promise to remember that u have feelings too, even though u'll never admit it.

Please tell me anything i do bothers u, or if something just don't get right. I would like u to always b honest with me. If i have a bad day, i hope u will shower me with confidence & smiles.

I hope u don't think that im asking too much of u. I hope u understand that im a lil bit nervous & very scared. Every relationship is a new game of cards and..hmmm... i've never been good at cards. But i will try my best to be kind & love u dearly for all that u are, without expecting too much from u. Thank u for listening & reading at the same time. This is all that i ask.

04 August 2013

Girl, a message from a boy.

" i love the way she looks at me, as i'm the only one in d world. i love the way she talks to me & that she comes out with the cutest names which she's not afraid to use in front of her friends. I love the way she's mean to me, n how she's always holds my hand to show it was just a joke. i love that she's tries her best to be happy with her life just because she knows it's important to me. I love her facial expressions, & her adorable smile. I love her lil smile she does when i compliment her, just like others who love to see her smile & i am lucky to see it everyday even though she doesn't believe it. I can tell it's still means a lot. I love how she always worries about what i want & would give anything 2 make me happy. I love that she plans our whole future, knowing with absolute certainly that we'll be together forever. I love that she works hard to deal with the pains of a long distance relationship even when she have so many problems in her life. I love that she puts me first & i love that she love me just for being me, & that will never change "  


This is what i usually do with my lovely  guitar. Sambil bergitar sambil berpuitis.. Ceii ! hhaah

This is for someone that i really love. feel free to play this link below. 

Enjoy :)