05 March 2013

when someone ask me when i'll get married.

when someone ask me when i'll get married. i answered,  "ask God. don't ask me."  :)

 4 me, marriage is a huge responsiblity. im a fresh graduate n i've just started my career, i dont even have my own car n home yet (not like d others,depend on their parents to buy them car n other things) i still have a long journey of life. i want my own car, my own home n other things,buy with my own money,my hard-earned. not to forget, my parents also need my care ( susah payah dorang bangun masakkan aku bekal,urus makan pakai aku,hantar ambil aku p kerja. thanx mumy dady.= smpai aku d gelar anak manja )

secondly is, yaa..most of u know that im a christian, n my bf is muslim right? u got the point there. i need to do few steps for becoming the new family of muslim before i get married. i have to make a  hard decision in my life just for a marriage. ( kalau jodoh aku sma c dia,amin ^__^  )

so, the point is, its not easy to get married. im pretty sure if i have n do all that, then i'll think about it. orang bilang, jodoh tidak akan ke mana. my bf said, "maybe, wait for 5 years more?"  hahaha.  God's Willing my dear :) one day, if u're ready to take me as ur wife, tell me.

ok peepz, enough for today. God bless.Pray for Sabah.

relationship is not about age, 
not about distance,
not about communicating every moment of everyday. 
what's important is having TRUST & LOYALTY.

The Trust of a Woman to her Man & the Loyalty of a Man to his Woman.

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