12 December 2012

getting ready ^__^

bru ja happy2 dapat luluz penuh on 10th december, then yesterday, 11th december, dapat call frm one of the biggest company in labuan, telling me to go for an interview on saturday.. guess what? i just like??? OH MY GOD!!! i cant believe it! i was just so excited on that time. maybe, juz my luck kn...bukan alang2 org bilang....haha.. Thanx God :) a very million thanx.

but that's not d end. blum abiz lae cerita kawan.. haha.. this company is not as easy as we thought. not only they want a good result or anything that every graduate thought when searching for a job. before the interview, we need to take a test first. yaa,, juz like the final exam..likely.. huhu.. if pass the test, then we can go to stage 2. an interview. suddenly, my excitement slowly fade away.hahaha..

well, now.. 3 more days to go. i need to well prepare. need to study for the basic mechanical, once again. igt lepaz suda dr mecha things bla bla bla bla ne... o damn,,,, huhuhuuhu

Lastly, i really need my luck on that day. hope bleh teruskan perjuangan. mau jadi engineer ba. coz things that i really wanna do, "balaz budi parents" ..

pa2 pn, waiting for that day making me nervous cam taik ayam btul.. haha

Goodnight fellas !!

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