31 August 2012

kinda fucked up.

its kinda fucked up isn't it?  how all of sudden, someone just wakes up n decides 2 never talk 2 u again . No reason. No explanation. No words said. They just leave u hanging like u never meant shit 2 them. n what hurts d most is how they made it look so easy.

18 August 2012

video cewek jatuh.Lepas 2 kena langgar.huhu

lucu pn ada juga. cian pn ada juga. so, berhati2 la d jalan raya :) satu syak nyawa kita ne sang.. last but not least, mat ari raya ^^

05 August 2012

fair & square

Be good to me, then i'll be much2 good 2 u..
Be bad to me, it's ok.. i can be more bad than u can imagine. 
sory. im juz a lil bit sensitive.
but dont worry, i wont hate u.. give me some time, then i'll accept u the way u are.

04 August 2012

guys, please be good 2 ur couple or wifey.

Guys, u can't go around being all nice & friendly & flirting with other girls when u are CLEARLY WITH SOMEONE ELSE. it's misleading, it's frustrating and IT'S NOT FAIR.

03 August 2012


i really need to FUCK on my last sem..
 Fokus Untuk Capai Kejayaan.. :)

jangan menyakitkan hati ya hamba2 tuhan skalian.

God, Grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are,  courage to maintain my self control and wisdom to know that if i act on it, i will go to jail.

( Tuhan, kurniakanlah ketenangan pada hamba mu ini untuk menerima orang2 yg tidak baik pada saya apa adanya, keberanian untuk mengawal diri ini kerana jika saya bertindak, saya akan masuk penjara )


02 August 2012

August, please be good 2 me

once u've been hurt, u're so scared to get attached again. u have fear that every person is going to break ur heart. care 2 little, u'll lose them...care 2 much, u'll get hurt... isnt it ironic that in life the person who brings out the best in u n make u strong, is actually ur weakness?..huhu ...

shopping project things with my group diz afternoon at inanam. then taking pictures with my clazmate made me felt so tired.huhu

i dont even understand a single things about this strength materials subject. its ok, still early. few more chapter 2 go.mayb d others will b much easier than d chapter 1.

whatever happened before, hope it will be better after this...

" AUGUST, please be good 2 me "