30 June 2012

my jealousy :)

haha basic la wa ne kn... if ppuan x pndai jelez, then something is happen. maybe she dont like u, n maybe she got someone else. stiap org pna rsa jua kn.so, jan pertikaikan cemburu seseorang :) it's d other way 2 show that she cares u more than anyone else. 

p/s :: jelez aku jeniz tahap gaban bila bkaitan dgn relationship aku. so, girlz out there, think n decide well before kmurang mnyibuk dlm relationship aku such as going out with him, sms or calling kecuali perkara penting. not important stuff, dont dare 2 break my rules coz 'makdal' ku lain ckit. kcuali if i know u better.harap memahami.when u found d right person in ur life, then u'll know. :)

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