28 November 2011

This Is Us In Reality.

Why was Snow White given a poisoned apple? 
- to show us that not everyone is gonna be kind & not everyone is really who they say they are. 

Why did Cinderella run away at midnight?
- to remind us that everything does have its limitations, even dreams. 

Why did Ariel exchange her fins for feet?
- to show us that people are willing to give up anything to be with who they love & to just be happy. '

Why did Aurora sleep for 100 years?
- to tell us that you might have to wait for quite some time for your true love to come along, sometimes very long, but it’s worth it. '

Why did Princess Jasmine fall for Aladdin?
- to let us know that what the heart wants, it wants it no matter what.

Why was Belle in love with a Beast?
- to remind us that you can’t really help what’s on the outside, but if the inside is beautiful, then nothing will stand in the way of your love♥

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