21 November 2011

Chill ur Day Without Any Doubt

I am the author of my life..unfortunately, im writing in pen and i can't erase my mistakes..that's how our life goes everyday..but here i can share all of u how i can be so strong after so many trials and obstacles running throughly my life..coz u all know, "sharing is caring" :)))

for those who feeling down right now, dont worry..chill guys..just say FUCK to the haters, the assholes, the people out to get u. Nobody will blame u if u speak out the mean words to the whiner, the people that cheat u, and the people who pretend to be ur friends.

for those who are purposely rude, those who r purposely lie, the greedy, the hypicritical, and the deceiving.. just tell them that u don't mind coz God knows what is happening to His servants and don't worry, what goes around, will comes around.. :)
when someone don't appreciate u, betrayed u, just turn left.. u must know, there's always someone who appreaciate n cares u more than the one that u hoping might be ur strenght.

Always remember my fellows, boyfriend & girlfriend have "end" at the back. but family, its "ily"..stands for "i love u" ... Last but not least, God is always by our side.

i know im not perfect to babbling around , but this is my blog.its my pleasure to do so. well, i guess im sleepy now.chill ur day without any doubt. ^__^


  1. there is always someone appreciate u more anne..including Him..enjoy ur life while u have it..coz in the end, it's not u that regrets for not knowing u, it's all those fakers, haters and assholes.. ^^

  2. ya itu dia....hehehe...thanx pren^^