20 September 2011

♥My Fairy Tales 1 ♥

u noe d story..u read d books ,Boy meets girl .Then they fall 4ever in luv but I noe better..So here goes a tale of d realest of d real..

Now once upon a time in a small world 
It was everything dat I dreamed of
He was my gem n I was his pearl
Nothing could come between us 

A prince charming 2 call my own 
Until the day that he broke my heart 
And left me wonderin' all alone 
Pickin' my mind n soul apart 

Used 2 believe in love
Used 2 believe in fairy tales
Since my heart's been crushed
I don't believe in much, 
I need help

Don't know which way to turn 
Figure it out 4 myself 
I've just started 2 learn
Is a good story supposed 2 end 
Unhappily ever after? 

Juz as wonderful
 as it begins n carry on for a few chapters 
Baby how come each time
 I open up I can't seem 2 get past stage 1 
I guess it's time 4 me 2 close up everything 
n go back on d shelf coz I'm done..

* 2 b continued with my new  story :)

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