29 September 2011


when u 1 2 throw me, remember d day when u want me...
when u feel u dont luv me anymore,remember d 1st day u fall in luv with me..
when u get bored of me, remember d sweet moment together..
when u want 2 b disloyal, remember when i've been loyal 2 u..
when u want 2 cheat me, remember d way i've been honest 2 u..

20 September 2011

♥My Fairy Tales 1 ♥

u noe d story..u read d books ,Boy meets girl .Then they fall 4ever in luv but I noe better..So here goes a tale of d realest of d real..

Now once upon a time in a small world 
It was everything dat I dreamed of
He was my gem n I was his pearl
Nothing could come between us 

A prince charming 2 call my own 
Until the day that he broke my heart 
And left me wonderin' all alone 
Pickin' my mind n soul apart 

Used 2 believe in love
Used 2 believe in fairy tales
Since my heart's been crushed
I don't believe in much, 
I need help

Don't know which way to turn 
Figure it out 4 myself 
I've just started 2 learn
Is a good story supposed 2 end 
Unhappily ever after? 

Juz as wonderful
 as it begins n carry on for a few chapters 
Baby how come each time
 I open up I can't seem 2 get past stage 1 
I guess it's time 4 me 2 close up everything 
n go back on d shelf coz I'm done..

* 2 b continued with my new  story :)
I=Its Just Been Days Since We Far Apart

M=Months And Ages It Feels
I=It Isnt Easy You Know
S=Smiles And Laughs That We Shared
S=Solitude Is Not What I Wanted

Y=Your Presence, Irreplaceable
O=Of All The Words I Can Say
U=Understand These The Most, That I Miss You.

i miss you:)

18 September 2011

not everything can explain by reasoning,,
when u dunnoe how 2 settle ur probz in relation/frenship,there r times we need 2 look back 2 where it ol began n look at how we can make it better.becoz every chance brings possibilities but sumtyms it takes more than dat..:)
if we want change 2 happen,its up 2 us. there's no point in being hopeful if we do nothing coz every change needs a new beginning. whether d change comes frm him,or frm us.
boy: baby r u jelez?
 girl: no.
 boy: baby r u jelez? 
girl: i ody told u.no! 
boy: baby,can i get a kiz?
 girl: go get ur kiz frm d ugly girlz dat owez chat with u! 
3 men in Prison-A Rapist ,A Psycho & A Gay.
Rapist: If I Find a Cat here I will #uck it hard till it Dies!
Psycho: Oh Yeah! & Once its dead I wl #uck it till I die!
Gay Standing in the Corner Softly Says: *Meeoowww*
Son - Mom,who is a girlfriend .....?
MOM - Wen u grow up n become a good boy you'll also get a one......
Son - If i don't become a good boy.....?
MOM - Then you'll get a many....:)
Son - ...
i close my Eyes.....When i Pray ❥ When i Cry ❥ When i Dream ❥ When i Kiss ❥
coz d most BEAUTIFUL thing in life are NOT SEEN ❥

❥ But FELT BY D HEART... ❥

16 September 2011

Wanita yang baik adalah lebih baik drpd 70 orang lelaki yg baik.
Seorang wanita yg jahat adalah lebih buruk drpd 1000 lelaki yg jahat.
Doa wanita lebih makbul drpd lelaki kerana sifat penyayang yg lebih kuat berbanding lelaki.air mata wanita yg disakiti akan dikira olehNYA.:)


me at smds...hehe,,working lor,,,not working actually,,,im undergo my practical 4 6 months now,,,hehe,,,hopefully it will end soon,,,tired n bored,,,=.=