12 May 2011

doNt leT peoPle judGe u :)

through ol d drama,u have 2 smile
coz life will get better.
it may b stormy now
but it cant rain forever.
if people dun luv u
at ur worst
then they dun deserve u at ur best.

Life go on sooner or later
even if it seems it never will
everything falls into place
every1 deserve a 2nd chance
dont let today dissapointed
cast a shadow on 2morrow dreams
if u speak when u r angry
u will make d best speech
u will ever regret

dun judge people 
on what they look like
there is so much more 2 see
juz bcoz sum1 is shy
doesnt mean they cant b d best person 
u hav ever met

dun hate people bcoz they r different
& dun follow d trend
dun let people get u down
dun change 4 anyone but u
b d person u want 2 b

dun let people fall in luv
with a stranger
let them fall in luv 
with d real u
love urself 4 what u r
not what ur frenz want u 2 b

never underestimate urself
bcoz they were only ever b

look 4 ur soul mate
dun say u luv every girl/boy u see
coz u r only kidding urself
love is rare
so if sum1 like u
stop leading them on
bcoz u dun noe how much u 
might hurt them

if i could have juz 1 wish
i would wish 2 wake up everyday
smile on d mirror
and whisper 
"i love being my self"

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